Dr. Meriam mahbouli



President of the Tunisian Society for Clinical Sexology

  • Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Tunis, Tunisia
  • Graduated in Clinical Sexology at the University of Paris VII
  • Graduated in Medical Hypnosis at the University of Paris V
  • Member of the scientific committee of the MESSM (Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine)
  • Member of the SFMS (Francophone Society for Sexual Medicine)
  • Member of the European Network for Sexual Medicine
  • Co-author: "Ethics and Sexology”; 2nd edition of "Sex Medicine: Foundations and Practices" (Editions Lavoisier)
  • Co-author: "Sexual conduct disorders", 4th edition of the Manuel de Sexology (Editions Masson)
  • Member of the scientific committee of the World Meeting for Sexual Medicine, December 2023, Dubai, Emirates
  • Member of the editorial board of the francophone journal Serologies
  • University teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Sousse in the master's degree in clinical sexology
  • University teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis at the CEC of brief psychotherapies
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Video Journal of Sexual Medicine .



Personal Statement:

  • I am writing to apply for the position of treasurer into the board of the MESSM.I am the current president of the STSC and our society has been affiliated to MESSM for 3 years.
  • Over the past two years, our two societies have carried out several actions in partnership.
  • I have known many of the members of the MESSM board and have enjoyed working with them.
  • I am applying today with a view to broadening my field of reflection and action on a regional level, and to sharing my experience with other members from culturally and socially close countries.

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Dr. Sandrine Atallah

President elect


Sandrine Atallah, MD, MHM, FECSM, ECPS is a consultant in sexual medicine and a certified psychosexologist.

She graduated as a Medical Doctor from the Saint Joseph medical Faculty (2004). She then obtained her degree in clinical sexology from René Descartes University, Paris V, Faculty of Medicine (2007), and her degree in Medical Hypnosis from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris VI, Faculty of Medicine (2005). She has also qualified as a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (2014). She is a EFS & ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (2016).

She has additionally a Master in Health and Hospital Management from the ESA (Ecole Superieure des Affaires) and Paris-Diderot (Paris VII) University (2013).

Along with her private medical practice in sexual medicine in Beirut at La Clinique du Levant and at AUBMC (WISH program), she teaches Human Sexuality at several Lebanese universities (Saint Joseph medical Faculty in Beirut and the Lebanese American University)

Secretary general of the MESSM (Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine: http://www.messm.org/site/), she was its treasurer (2017-2019) and the chairman of its Public Awareness Committee (2011-2017).

Member at large of the ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine), she is also a board member of the Société Francophone de Médecine Sexuelle (SFMS). She was the social media coeditor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2014-2020) and the chair of the ISSM Communication Committee (2019-2022).

Actively working on promoting sexual health in the Middle East, she has participated in the development of the MESSM public information website (http://www.yoursexualhealth.messm.org). She was as well the social media editor of the MESSM and its public website (2011-2018).

She is a regular guest/speaker at local and international conferences and seminaries related to sexual medicine, sexual health and sexual awareness.

Personal Statement:

With great enthusiasm and a deep sense of commitment, I present my candidacy for the role of President Elect of the Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine (MESSM). My journey with MESSM has been enriching and transformative, serving in various capacities such as Secretary General, Treasurer and Ordinary Director since the organization's inception. This unique journey has not only shaped my understanding of our field but has also fueled my passion to lead MESSM into a future of greater impact and significance.

  • Qualifications and Experience:

In my extensive involvement in sexual medicine, I have had the privilege of serving as a Member at Large of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) and as Chairman of the Communication Committee of ISSM. These roles have provided me with a broad perspective on global sexual health issues and underscored the importance of effective communication and public education in this domain. My tenure with MESSM as Treasurer, Secretary General, and Ordinary Director has been a journey of continuous learning and contribution. These diverse roles have enriched my understanding of the organizational, financial, and strategic aspects of managing a scientific society dedicated to sexual medicine.

  • Vision and Plans for MESSM:
  1. Expanding Membership and Multidisciplinary Approach: A key goal is to expand our membership base, embracing professionals from a wider range of disciplines within sexual medicine. This multidisciplinary approach will enrich our organization with diverse perspectives, enhancing our understanding and treatment approaches in sexual health.
  2. Growing Affiliated Societies:Strengthening our network of affiliated societies is crucial. By increasing these affiliations, we can foster a more robust global exchange of knowledge and expertise, ultimately benefiting our members and the communities they serve.
  3. Developing the MESSM Academy: I am committed to transforming the MESSM Academy into a premier educational hub. This will involve offering state-of-the-art courses and e-learning opportunities, essential for the ongoing development of our members’ skills and knowledge.
  4. Enhancing Public Awareness: We will increase our efforts in public outreach to educate and reduce the stigma associated with sexual health, thereby improving public understanding and health outcomes.
  5. Fostering Research: I aim to bolster our research initiatives, encouraging innovative studies and supporting young researchers, ensuring MESSM remains a leader in scientific discovery.
  • Personal Motivation:

My dedication to MESSM is rooted in a firm belief in the power of sexual medicine to transform lives. I am driven by a commitment to excellence, a vision for a more connected and

multidisciplinary MESSM, and a passion for advancing sexual health globally. As President Elect, I pledge to lead with integrity, innovation, and inclusiveness, striving to elevate MESSM to new heights of success and influence.

I humbly seek your support in this journey, confident that together, we can achieve remarkable milestones for MESSM and for the field of sexual medicine in the MENA region.

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Dr. Abdel Rahman Zahran

President elect


Dr. Abdel Rahman Zahran is a Current professor of Urology& Head of Endourology & andrology unit, faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, EGYPT. Being specialized in Male Reproductive Medicine, Microsurgery and Male sexual Dysfunctions. He completed his medical school at the Alexandria University School of Medicine in EGYPT the year 1991, urology residency at the Urology department at the main university hospital (1993-1996), and specialty fellowship at the University of Mc gill CANADA (1996-2000).Then he had two another short fellowships with Dr: Tom Lue at the UCSF in the year 2005 &2006 as well as in Cleveland clinic with Dr: Drogo Montague in the year 2006 Dr. Zahran is an expert in all aspects of male reproductive health, including fertility preservation counseling and treatment, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease priapism as well as Prosthetic surgery and testicular pain. he specializes in the management of male infertility with the aim of improving natural conception or improved outcomes from assisted reproduction. he also specializes in fertility for spinal cord injury patients. Surgical techniques that he is skilled in for the treatment of these conditions include the minimally testicular sperm extractions and microsurgical varicocelectomies advanced sperm retrieval techniques, Dr. Zahran has a strong record demonstrating a commitment to educational excellence and advancing the field of male fertility. He consistently presents at major national and international meetings and is a reviewer for several scientific journals. He was the president of the section of the male sexual dysfunction at the Egyptian urological association also he is the past secretary general of the Middle East society of sexual medicine & he is currently the secretary general of the Egyptian society of sexual medicine surgery (ESSMS).

He is currently being invited in most of the sexual medicine conferences both nationally and internationally as a guest speaker or a chairperson.

He has a lot of per reviewed publications in the field of Andrology and endourology.


Personal Statement:

My name is Abdel Rahman Zahran. I am a Professor of Urology and Head of the Andrology Unit, Department of Urology, Alexandria University, Egypt (Accredited as the only official SIU training center in Egypt). I may be considered an expert in men’s health in MENA region, based in Alexandria.

After receiving my master’s degree in Urology 1998, I underwent a two-year fellowship in sexual medicine at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. After receiving my MD degree in Urology in 2002, I started to serve as a visiting Professor at UCSF, USA with Dr. Tom Lue (2004-2005) as well as in Cleavland Clinic Foundation in 2005 with Dr Drogo Montague making a lot of international communications with the European and American leaders of sexual medicine.

I attended mostly all AUA meetings starting from 1999 till date as well as most SMSNA annual meetings. I served as Head of Sexual Medicine and Male Infertility Section at the Egyptian Urological Association for many years. I can say that I built a shift career within this field among the Egyptian urologists by organizing many Uro-andrology workshops and hands on courses.

I was elected as Secretary General of MESSM since its evolution and I served in my position for four years. We arranged three big conferences for the MESSM (Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait), which have been attended by most of the interested urologists, andrologists, and psychotherapists in the region.

I continued contribution with the MESSM participating in conferences and webinars. I can confess that my position in the MESSM gave me the chance to build good and strong relations with all members in the region.

I am serving as Secretary General of the Egyptian Surgical Society of Sexual Medicine in the past four years. I have been elected as a board member of the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA) (2400 members) for four years (2022-2026). I have been assigned from the board to be responsible for the Educational Committee of the EUA where we arranged more than ten workshops during the last years and more than 30 different webinars in different fields of Urology and Andrology.

I have contributed to many peer-reviewed publications and in the Egyptian Urological Guidelines for Sexual Medicine. I have also been invited as a trainer, speaker, and chair at multiple national and international venues.

All this considered, I ask for the MESSM’s kind consideration of myself to be worthy of the position of President Elect. I believe this position will be an exceptional opportunity for me to exchange my knowledge and experience in the field, in consolidating the main mission of the MESSM. In close collaboration with all the board of directors, we will work to enhance the standards of both practice and science of sexual medicine among healthcare providers and to raise the level of sexual health awareness among the public in the region to be not less than that of the other sexual medicine societies around the world.

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Dr. Mohamed Arafa

General Secretary


Dr Mohamed Arafa graduated from Cairo University Medical School in 1996. After he finished his Internship in Kasr ALAini Hospital, Cairo University, he joined the Andrology Department, Cairo University where he did his residency and fellowship training in Andrology. He then joined the faculty in the Andrology Department, Cairo University, where he is now a professor. Since 2011 he is working as Senior Consultant Urology/Andrology and Male Infertility, Hamad General Hospital, Qatar. He is appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urology, Weill Cornell medicine – Qatar.

During his profession in Andrology Dr Arafa has shown great interest in Andrology and male infertility diagnosis and treatment. He has respectable experience in Andrology laboratory procedures, including routine and advanced semen analysis and sperm cryopreservation. His surgical skills extend to cover all Andrology surgeries, especially microsurgical procedures (testicular biopsy, varicocelectomy, vasoepididymostomy and vasovasostomy).
Dr Arafa is a reviewer for a number of International Journals dealing with Andrology. He was an Ordinary Director in the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine (MESSM) Board of Directors and the Chief Editor of MESSM Newsletter.  He is a fellow of the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee on Sexual Medicine in 2012. He was recently been licensed as a Clinical Sexologist, Therapist Association Certification, Miami, Florida, USA.

The research activities of Dr Arafa include more than 150 published articles in international peer-reviewed journals and many book chapters. His research covers all domains of Andrology mainly genetics and proteomics of male infertility, oxidative stress in semen, sexual dysfunctions and late-onset hypogonadism.

Dr. Mohamed Arafa

Professor of Andrology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Sr. Consultant in Male Infertility and Andrology, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Adjunct Professor of Urology, Weill Cornell Medical College, Doha, Qatar

Email: mohamedmostafaarafa@gmail.com


Personal Statement:

I have always been fascinated by the advances in Andrology medicine since I started my fellowship 25 years ago. I’m dedicated to promoting Andrology science in international societies through my research and publications. Practicing Andrology in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar as well as being a keen attendee, speaker and chairman in international conferences and workshops provided me with international experience and network which allowed invaluable collaboration with distinguished international centers in Middle East, USA, Europe and Asia.

I am an active member of Andrology societies in Egypt and Middle East. Together with my colleagues, we had a dream of having an internationally affiliated society dedicated to sexual medicine. Our dream came true in 2010 as the MESSM was created. I was elected as an ordinary director in the first board of directors and was appointed the Editor in Chief of MESSM Newsletter, 2011. Over the period of 2 years, I managed to publish State of the Art review articles in different disciplinaries of sexual medicine authored by World renowned Andrology specialists from all over the world.

Over the years, I have enjoyed seeing MESSM flourish and grow with successive presidents and boards of directors, each adding their experience and effort, to become a well-known active society and sharing the Middle East experience in a variety of sexual medicine functions.

I want to serve as Secretary General of MESSM because I want to play an active role in expanding the recognition of MESSM in all Middle East countries as a reference for sexual medicine practice and research. This can be done through different strategies and goals:

  • The most important goal is expanding best practice in sexual medicine in the Middle East. I believe this is a crucial role for our society to insure best medical care for our patients. This can be done through running seminars, webinars and hands-on workshops in different Middle East countries in collaboration with local societies to insure propagation of evidence-based practice guidelines.
  • Improving community awareness of sexual health problems to eliminate the myths, misbeliefs and taboos related to sexual function and dysfunction in the Middle East. Community awareness and education can be achieved through extensive campaigns in social media, media and community-based presentations.

By achieving these goals, we can improve the visibility of MESSM as a valuable productive partner to all our Middle East colleagues, societies and universities which in turn will increase the number of members from different Middle East countries, consequently expanding MESSM role in the future.

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Dr. Wafaa Eltantawy

General Secretary


Dr Wafaa Eltantawy is senior Specialist in Sexual and Reproductive Health at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and a Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists). She also has a special interest in Women's and Men's Health and complex contraception, and is Psychosexual Clinic Lead at her.

She holds an MA in Couple Relationships and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy from Hull University, UK. She is also a qualified Sex Addiction Therapist and holds a diploma in Sex Addiction from ATSAC, UK.

She is the Treasurer of the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine, and has been a board member for four years. She is also licenced by the General Medical Council in UK (GMC).

She is a member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine, European Society of Sexual Medicine, Egyptian Society of Sexual Medicine and Surgery, and British Society of sexual Medicine.

She is also a Senior Accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist by the College of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). She is also a registered member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

She has a special interest in Vaginismus and female dyspareunia. She deals with a large variety of female and male sexual dysfunctions and has great wealth of experience in dealing with sexual and relationship difficulties. She holistically integrates her medical knowledge in her therapy and work with her patients. Dr Eltantawy also adopts a culturally sensitive approach due to her extensive work in both the Middle East and internationally.



Personal Statement:

I am Dr Wafaa Eltantawy, and I would like to be nominated and elected for the MESSM position of General Seceretary. I am deeply passionate about developing and increasing the awareness of sexual medicine in the Middle East.

I have been a member of the MESSM for several years and I have always been an active member of the Society during this period. I have served as the Treasurer for past four years and during this time the revenue of the MESSM has increased. When I had taken this position, the society was in too much debt, and we managed to pay all these debts and make a reasonable profit over the last 4 years.

I am a qualified sexual and reproductive health senior specialist and have held a fellowship of Sexual & Reproductive Health (RCOG) for many years. I am also a senior accredited psychosexual and relationship therapist and compulsive sexual behaviour therapist. I am also an educational and clinical supervisor in the field of medicine, sexual and reproductive health, and in psychosexual and relationship therapy. My clinic has been recognised by London Diploma and CICS as a placement for their trainees in Psychosexual and Relationship diplomas.

I am also an executive coach and have been the Lead for my Trust’s psychosexual clinic for the past fifteen years.

I have also represented the MESSM as a speaker in many conferences, including ISSM, ESSM, ESSMS, and SMSNA.

I have also been leading and delivering the Certificate in Psychosexual and Relationship Course under the umbrella od MESSM for the last three years. I was also one of the directors of the Middle East Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy for the last two years. Our graduates were mostly from the Middle East, Namely Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

My ambition is to work with my colleagues to increase the profile of the MESSM and develop it to match ISSM MESSM. I would also like to increase the affiliation of other societies in the Middle East and SE Asia, increase the educational courses and develop a better sexual medicine curriculum targeted at ME physicians and therapists. I would also like to increase public awareness of sexual medicine. One of my ambitions is to start a MESSM sexual medicine journal.

I am not affiliated with any pharmaceutical or medical device companies or have been a board member of any of them.

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Dr. Ahmed Majzoub

Ordinary Director


Dr. Ahmad Majzoub is an expert in the fields of Andrology and Male Infertility, currently working as a consultant at the department of Urology and program director of Andrology and Male Infertility fellowship at Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar. He is also affiliated to Weill Cornell Medicine –Qatar holding a position of assistant professor. Dr. Majzoub is an Arab board- certified urologist and had undergone a specialized two-year training in Andrology and Male Infertility at the Hamad Medical Corporation. He further completed another Clinical and Research Fellowship in Andrology at the world-famous Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute and the American Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, United States. He is also a fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Majzoub provides services in General Urology, Andrology and Male infertility offering endoscopic, microsurgical, reconstructive and prosthetic surgeries for his patients. His interests extend towards the management of chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men and has opened a dedicated multidisciplinary pelvic pain unit.

Dr. Majzoub has done extensive work in the field of Medical Research and has been very active with over 150 research publications at peer reviewed journals and several book chapters mainly focusing on Andrology and men’s health. Ahmad has served as an editor of 3 special issues in peer reviewed scientific journals and has co-edited 5 books on topics related to Male infertility.

He is a reviewer at several high impact medical journals and is an active member of the European Academy of Andrology, the International and Arab Societies of Sexual Medicine and the Arab Association of Urology. He holds editorial positions at a number of scientific journals and has had several speaker participations at national and international conferences.

For more information, visit ResearchGate:




Personal Statement:


Oprah Winfrey once said “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” This quote undermines the significance of hard work which is the single most important determinant of success in the field of medicine. Right after finishing my Andrology and Male Infertility fellowship at Glickman Urological Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA, I have invested a great deal of effort into my practice which, coupled with the right opportunities, allowed me to accomplish several achievements that undeniably distinguished me from my colleagues at my place of work.


With respect to clinical care, I offer andrology and male infertility services through four clinics and two operative days per week. Operations being provided include microsurgical reconstructive surgeries, microsurgical varicocelectomy, sperm retrieval procedures and penile reconstructive surgeries including surgical correction of peyronie’s disease and penile prosthesis implantations.


Furthermore, I established a dedicated Multidisciplinary Pelvic Pain Unit that is unique to this region of the world. The Unit offers patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome expert Urologic, physiotherapeutic and psychiatric evaluation and treatment through five clinics per week. I have also introduced the microsurgical spermatic cord denervation procedure for the first time in Qatar that is offered to patients suffering from chronic orchialgia.


My interest in medical education is substantial and is clearly recognized by the efforts made towards tutoring junior physicians and medical students. I am currently the program director of the andrology and male infertility fellowship here at Hamad Medical Corporation and have updated the fellowship curriculum to integrate research and clinical care into the fellow’s experience. Two fellows are currently under my supervision. Additionally, I am actively involved in urology residents’ education serving as a core faculty to the ACGE-I accredited program. I routinely have key contributions to the residents’ didactic schedule through providing lectures on research methodology and various aspects of Men’s Health. At the corporate level, I am actively involved in ensuring the application of the ACGME-I standards to medical education and have chaired internal review committees to evaluate different programs in the institute.


As for scholarly activities, I am among the most published individuals in our department with over 150 articles issued in peer-reviewed journals. As of November 4, 2023, my h-index is 35 with 4800 citations. I have had a number of key research publications and have participated in the formulation of clinical guidelines.


I served as a co-editor in 5 published books and 3 special issues, on topics related to Men’s Health and reproduction. The hard work put in the field of research did not go unnoticed. I have been invited as a guest speaker to a number of local, regional and international conferences.


I believe that the experience I obtained through the implemented hard work in my practice should support my candidacy in becoming an Ordinary Director for the prestigious MESSM Society. I am currently co-chairing the MESSM Newsletter committee and have been actively involved in several activities organized by the society. I believe that I can actively promote education and research and effectively collaborate with colleagues and friends to advance the impact of the society both regionally and internationally

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Dr. Atia Attaky

Ordinary Director


Atia Attaky was born in Egypt. In 2003, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Al Alzhar University in Egypt, where he also obtained his master’s degree in Neuropsychiatry (2011). He obtained his diploma in Neuropsychiatry in 2009, followed by a diploma in Geriatric Medicine in 2010, and a diploma in Psychology in 2012.

From 2014, his work and research on sexual medicine in this year he completed a European fellowship in Sexual Medicine (FECSM) and is the first Arabic Neuropsychiatrist who holds this European fellowship in Sexual Medicine. He is also the first EFS & ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS), which he obtained in 2020. And he obtained diploma in psychosexual therapy (2017) and diploma of sex addiction (London) (2018)

He started his PhD in January 2016 under the supervision of prof. DR.  Marieke Dewitte and Prof. Dr. Gerjo Kok, and Prof. Dr. Rob Ruiter, at institute of sexual and relationship and Department of Clinical Psychological Science and the Department of Health Psychology at Maastricht University.  The studies in this project have been unique in Arabian communities and focused on (the sexual and relational functioning of Saudi Arabian couples) And has been granted a doctor’s degree on 19th September 2023.

In addition, he received an award in 2019 for his research (The Role of Sexual Desire, Sexual Satisfaction, and Relationship Satisfaction in the Sexual Function of Arab Couples Living in Saudi Arabia) at the 12th Annual International Psychiatry Congress in Egypt.

Dr Attaky has more than a new standard scales’ that has been applied in the Arab region as (Brief Sexual Symptom Scale For Women (BSSS-W), Brief Sexual Symptoms Scale For Men (BSSS -M), Attaky Sexual Assessment Scale for Men ( ASAS –M).

Dr Attaky has translated and validated many of scales and questioners in Arabian region   as sexual function (IIEF, FSFI), sexual desire (SDI), sexual distress (FSDS-R), sexual satisfaction (ISS), relationship satisfaction (RDAS), attachment orientation (ECR-R), sexual assertiveness (SAS), perceived partner responsiveness (PPRS), Brief Sexual Symptom Checklist for women, Brief Sexual Symptom Checklist for men.

Dr Attaky is currently appointed as ordinary director and member of the scientific committee of the Middle East of Society for Sexual Medicine (MESSM). He is also member of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM). American board of Sexology Certification (ABS)

Dr. Attaky Is Ambassador of the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA)

In addition, he is member of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM).

Atia Attaky is considered one of a few Arabic international experts on psychosexual medicine of clinical and research experience. He has published more-reviewed scientific articles on sexuality in Arabian countries from 2016 till now



Personal Statement:

Sexual medicine is such a diverse, challenging and worthwhile career that I truly feel it is the right path for me. It is an invitation to practical, conscientious and reliable people who find it easy to quickly establish good and reliable relationships with new people. I have these skills and a real desire to help impotence patients when they need it most. The practice role in sexual medicine is changing for the psychiatrist to take greater responsibility for patient care and become a specialist in areas such as psychosexual dysfunction, the role of depression and anxiety in sexual function, and compulsive sexual disorder, hyper sexuality, vaginismus and sexual relational problems and other problems in sexual medicine. Being nominated for such a position in sexual medicine and obtaining multiple courses in sexual medicine (FECSM, ECPS), and PhD in sexual medicine will have a great impact on the way patients are educated and also the physician of sexual medicine develops through the association and its courses, and I believe that my level in psychiatry and sexology will help me in this.

The arguments and discussions that arose during my two-year position as Superintendent at the Association succeeded in opening my eyes and seeing the world around me in a whole new light.

I have always been passionate about the structure of society and the impact one person's actions can have on the rest of our society.

These are issues that concern the entire society in daily life, sexology and sexual medicine affect me on a personal level.

Finally, I strongly believe that I am a prime candidate for the position of MESSM Coordinator because of my experience and qualifications in sexual medicine.

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Dr. Ahmed Ragheb

Ordinary Director


Ahmed M. Ragheb, MD, PhD, FECSM

Assistant Professor of Urology – Faculty of Medicine – Beni-Suef University

Doctorate of Urology – Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University

Male Infertility and Andrology Fellowship – Cleveland Clinic – USA

Fellow of European Board of Sexual Medicine – MJCSM – UEMS

Penile Implant and Prosthetic Urology Fellowship – UKSH – Germany

Director of Andrology Unit – Bedayet Hayah Fertility and IVF Hospital – Egypt

Founder and Director of HOWA Clinics for Integrated Men’s Health – Cairo – Egypt

Member of the Educational Committee of the European Society for Sexual Medicine

Co-Chair of the Communication Committee of the Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine

Member of the New European Surgical Academy (NESA) – Representative of Egypt

Member of the Editorial Board of the Video Journal of Sexual Medicin


Personal Statement:

My name is Ahmed Ragheb. I am Assistant Professor of Urology and Consultant of Andrology at the Department of Urology, Beni-Suef University, Egypt. I’m also Director of the Andrology Unit at Bedayet Hayah Fertility and IVF Hospital and Founder and Director of HOWA Clinics for Integrated Men’s Health in Cairo. I may be considered one of the renowned experts specializing in men’s health, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, Peyronie’s disease, prosthetic urology surgery, male infertility, and assisted reproduction in the MENA region, based in Cairo.

After receiving my doctorate in Urology, I underwent a 2-year fellowship in Male Infertility and Andrology in the Urology Department of the Glickman Kidney and Urology Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio. I have also received the MJCSM Board Certification in sexual medicine, which has earned me the title of Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine.

Afterward, I was able to complete the ESSM Penile Implant and Prosthetic Urology Fellowship at the Center of Excellence for Prosthetic Urology at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany.

I happen to serve on numerous national and international society committees as both Member and Co-Chair. With the ESSM I serve as member of the Educational Committee and have served as member of the Social Media Task Force. I am also Co-Chair of the Communication Committee of the MESSM. I also represent Egypt as member of the New European Surgical Academy. I am also a consultant and certified trainer for the top penile implant manufacturers.

As an academic, I dedicate quality time to fulfill my avid interest in clinical research concerning sexual medicine and male fertility. I have contributed to more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, educational guidelines, surgical videos, and book chapters including “Andrology Laboratory Manual” and “Penile Implant Surgery”. I have also been invited as a visiting professor, speaker, and chair at multiple national and international venues, and have received multiple national and international awards and recognitions, including the Risman Research Award/Grant in 2008, CTSC award (NIH/NCRR funded) in 2009, ISSM scholarship for the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine in 2017, David Ralph Award for Best Oral Presentation in 2019 and Best Abstract-Clinical SMSNA Prize in 2021.

All this considered, I ask for the MESSM’s kind consideration of myself to be worthy of the position of Ordinary Director. I believe this type of affiliation will be an exceptional opportunity for me to channel my humble knowledge and experience, in the field, in consolidating the main mission of the MESSM. In close collaboration with the president, general secretary, treasurer, and my fellow MESSM colleagues, together we will work to enhance the standards of both practice and science of sexual medicine among healthcare givers as well as raise the level of sexual health awareness among the public, especially in a region thirsty for high-class knowledge and patient care. I aspire the influence of MESSM on our communities to be no less than that of the other sexual medicine societies around the world.

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Dr. Yaman Al Tal

Ordinary Director



Dr. Yaman Altal is a highly accomplished medical professional with a stellar career in the fields of urology and sexual medicine. His dedication to excellence, extensive qualifications, and significant contributions makes him a prominent figure in the medical community.

Dr. Altal's journey in the medical field began with his MB BS degree from Jordan University of Science & Technology in June 2002. This marked the beginning of his commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth.

His qualifications include a FRCS Urol (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Urology) from the UK in 2014 and certification from the Jordanian Board of Urology in 2015. He also earned a PGCert in Advanced Surgical Practice from the University of Wales Cardiff in 2007. Moreover, his membership exam success with the Royal College of Surgeons (Ed) in November 2007 showcases his dedication to surgical excellence.

In 2016, Dr. Altal achieved the esteemed title of Fellow of the European Board of Sexual Medicine (FECSM), further highlighting his proficiency in sexual medicine and andrology. His international qualifications also extend to full registration with the Jordan Medical Council since 2004.

Dr. Altal's current appointment as an Assistant Professor and Consultant of Urology and Sexual Medicine at Hashemite University since January 2020 exemplifies his commitment to both academia and clinical practice. He also serves as a Consultant Urologist at Abdali Medical Center and Emirates Specialty Hospital, DHCC, since 2019 and 2018, respectively.

Throughout his career, Dr. Altal has actively engaged in research and teaching, sharing his expertise with the medical community. He has authored several publications and presentations in prestigious medical forums, demonstrating his commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

Dr. Yaman Altal's dedication to patient care, ongoing learning, and contributions to the fields of urology and sexual medicine make him a respected and influential figure in the medical profession. His unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical science continues to leave a lasting impact on healthcare.



Personal Statement:

I am writing to humbly request your support and vote for my re-election as a board member in the Society of the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine (MESSM).

Serving as a board member for the past two years has been a privilege, and I am eager to continue contributing to our society's growth and development.

During my tenure as a board member, I have been dedicated to advancing the field of sexual medicine in the Middle East. Together with my colleagues, I have actively worked towards increasing awareness of sexual health issues in our region. I am proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing the MESSM meeting to Jordan for the first time. This event was a resounding success, marked by a record-breaking attendance, demonstrating the growing interest and relevance of our society in the Middle East.

Furthermore, one of our notable achievements during the past two years was the successful organization of a live penile implant surgery workshop during the MESSM meeting. This workshop not only showcased cutting-edge medical techniques but also facilitated valuable knowledge sharing among experts in the field.

However, I firmly believe that our society has not yet reached its full potential. Despite the significant progress we have made, there is still much work to be done in raising awareness about sexual health issues in Jordan. Sexual health remains a relatively new and sometimes sensitive topic in our region, and I am committed to continuing our efforts to educate and engage Jordanian doctors in our society's activities.

If re-elected, I am enthusiastic about maintaining an integral role in the development of MESSM. I am dedicated to working tirelessly to ensure that our society continues to grow and thrive. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on sexual health awareness and care in the Middle East, and I am eager to be part of this important journey.

I kindly request your support and your vote in the upcoming election. Together, we can continue to elevate the field of sexual medicine in the Middle East and contribute to the betterment of healthcare in our region.

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Dr. Tariq Al-Hijjawi

Ordinary Director



I am Dr. Tariq Al-Hijjawi. I studied at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan, then I completed my specialty in psychiatry at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, and then I obtained the Jordanian Board in Psychiatry and the Arab Board in Psychiatry. I also obtained a certificate to practice the American profession in general medicine, and then I began Working in the private sector in a private clinic in Jordan and in the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During my work in the private sector, I participated in many medical conferences related to psychiatry. I also obtained the European Board Certificate in Sexual Medicine and the European Fellowship Certificate in Sexual Medicine. I am also a member of the Jordanian Society of Psychiatrists and the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine. I currently work in the private sector in my clinic in Jordan and in my clinic in Saudi Arabia.


Personal Statement:

I am Dr. Tariq Al-Hijjawi, a consultant psychiatrist. I hold a European Board Certificate in Sexual Medicine and a European Fellowship in Sexual Medicine. I work in the private sectosr in my clinics in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Several years ago, I began to pay more attention to the field of sexual health, because there is a close connection between it and mental health in several fields, and I am pleased to have an administrative role that gives me more opportunity to contribute more effectively in exchanging experiences with colleagues in the field of sexual health and spreading awareness among the general public in this field in accordance with modern scientific references to contribute to the development of this very important aspect in Our life .

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Dr. Ons Kaabia

Ordinary Director


Ons Kaabia, is a Tunisian Associate Professor in Gynecology and Obstetrics.MD, at the Faculty of Medicine of Sousse, Tunisia since 2020. She is a Clinical Sexologist since 2017 and the General Secretary of the Tunisian Society of Clinical Sexology since 2020. She is a member of the Tunisian Society of Sexual Medicine (STSC) since 2018 and a member of the Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine (MESSM) and the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM) since 2021. She is an active member of the Research Committee of the MESSM.

She is currently a Harvard Medical School Fellow in Clinical investigation in medical science and a Research Fellow of the research laboratory LR 12 ES 04: Epidemiology, screening and early management of mental diseases. She was the recipient of several international research fellowships in the field of onco-sexology with a special interest in breast and gynecological cancer survivors’ sexual health and fertility. She has several publications and communications in the field of sexual and reproductive health especially among cancer patients.


Personal Statement:

I am honored to put forward my candidacy for an Ordinary Director position within the Middle East Society of Sexual Medicine. My passion for advancing sexual health in the region and my commitment to fostering a vibrant community of professionals in this field inspire my aspiration to serve the MESSM.

My journey in sexual medicine began with a profound desire to address the nuanced complexities of sexual health within the Middle East region and North Africa with a master’s in clinical Sexology at the Faculty of Medicine of Sousse, Tunisia, I started in 2015. With 9 years of dedicated work in sexuality education and female sexual health with a special focus on cancer survivors’ sexuality, I've gained invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities present in our region's sexual health landscape. Through research, clinical practice, and collaborations, I've strived to contribute meaningfully to this vital field.

I bring to this role a diverse set of qualifications, including my experience as General secretary of the Tunisian Society of Sexual Medicine since 2020, my expertise as an associate professor teaching sexual health and sexology to future and confirmed healthcare professionals (physicians, midwifes, nurses, etc.) and my international research experience in the field of onco-sexology either in Tunisia, Spain or the USA, in addition to my active work within the MESSM research committee since 2022. These experiences have honed my abilities in leadership, communication, collaboration, and management, essential skills for steering MESSM towards greater heights.

If entrusted with this leadership role, I intend to focus on several key initiatives to propel MESSM forward. I aim to foster greater inclusivity, ensuring that diverse voices within the sexual health community in the region are heard and represented. Collaborative research partnerships will be pivotal; I envision forging alliances with regional and global organizations to leverage collective expertise and resources for the betterment of sexual health practices and research in the Middle East.

Additionally, I am committed to nurturing the next generation of sexual health professionals. Developing mentorship programs, educational initiatives, and platforms for knowledge exchange will be central to empowering aspiring professionals and cultivating a robust network of experts dedicated to advancing sexual health care in our region.

My vision for MESSM revolves around innovation, inclusivity, and education. Together, let us chart a course that not only elevates the status of sexual medicine in the Middle East and North Africa but also fosters an environment where individuals feel supported, valued, and empowered in their pursuit of excellence in sexual health care.

I am enthusiastic about the possibility of contributing my skills, experience, and vision to the esteemed MESSM community. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and collaborate with you all toward a brighter future for sexual health care in the Middle East.

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